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Halwa Maskat

Halwa Maskat | Viewed 13521 times

Kuih Raya


  • 150gm  flour
  • 43gm cornflour
  • 4 cups of water
  • 200gm sugar
  • 57gm rock sugar
  • 114 gm ghee
  • Banana  leaves  for spreading  the hot mixture  into  the mould and storing it  later .
  • A  few drops of yellow colouring (optional)
  • A  tablespoon of rose water
  • A  tablespoonful each of raisins,  julienne almond, green and red cherries  (cut  into little pieces  that have been mixed well)

[Measurement Equivalents]


1. Add a bit of water  to  the flour until  it  forms a ball of dough. Knead until  it  is soft. Add more water until  it  turns into an elastic  texture. This  is  the gluten which can be  fried and added  to stir-fry dishes as a  tofu substitute.

Filter  the remaining  liquid and store  for  three days and  three nights.  Let  the  flour settle at  the bottom of  the container . Change the water every morning and evening. Mix water ,  flour and cornflour and stir over  low heat.

Take extra care  to scrape  the sides of  the pot  to ensure  the liquid  is mixed well until  it  is bubbly but do not allow  it  to boil.

2. Add sugar and rock sugar , using  the metal spatula to stir and  fold  the mixture, continually  turning  it over  from the bottom  to  the  top of  the pot.  It  is  important  to do  this to avoid  lumps, curdling or burning. The mixture will  then gradually  thicken.

3. When  it becomes bubbly, lower  the heat, add ghee and the rose water . Add colouring drop by drop  to control  the colour . Continue  to stir using the  folding  technique until  the thick  liquid  turns into a ball.

4. Take  the pot off  the heat. Continue  folding,  then add the almonds, cherries and raisins  to  the halwa.

5. Pour  the hot mixture onto trays and spread  it using banana  leaves until  it  is even and smooth. Let  it cool completely  for about  four  to five hours before covering it with banana  leaves and wrapping  it with cling  film. Store at room  temperature away  from sunlight. Do not freeze or chill. Halwa maskat can  last up  to 10 days.

There are several  types of halwa maskat but the ones made  locally are usually  flavoured by raisins, almonds and cashew nuts.

Connoisseurs can tell the good ones apart by their translucent texture and glassy surface.

Technique and method is of paramount importance. A flat wooden spatula is initially used for stirring when the mixture is still very light. After it thickens, change to a metal spatula to scrape the sides and bottom of the deep pot (Ann uses her trusted gerinsing, a brass pot which helps give the halwa maskat its deep yellow colour).

- By Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi


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