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Kambing Kuzi

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Malay Cuisine

Lamb done the Johor way. ZUHAILA SEDEK tells you how, a skill she picked up after a satisfying visit to the Grand Seasons Hotel in KL for its Johor Food Festival.


  • 1kg of lamb (shoulder)
  • 100g of red onion, blended
  • 20g of garlic, blended
  • 100g of chilli, blended
  • 80g of tomato puree
  • 50g of tomato sauce
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced
  • 20g of aniseed (jintan manis) powder
  • 10g of white cumin (jintan putih) powder
  • 20g of coriander
  • 20g of coriander leaves
  • a few pieces of mint leaves
  • 150ml of evaporated milk
  • a dollop of ghee
  • some cashew nuts and raisins

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1. Put the onions, chilli and all the blended spices in a hot frying pan with the ghee.

2. Add all the leaves and tomatoes and stir well.

3. When the aroma starts tickling your nose, put in the tomato puree and the tomato sauce.

4. You can now add the lamb and lower the flame. This is vital to ensure the lamb is cooked inside out.

5. When the lamb is almost cooked, put in the evaporated milk, raisins and the cashew nuts.

6. Stir for a while and it is ready to be served.

Note: Be careful with your usage of ghee as the lamb´s fats will ooze oil too.

Kambing Kuzi

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