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Advertise here ( RM20.00/day)

Advertise here ( RM20.00/day)
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Special Ramadan Spread At Legend Hotel
Promotion   | Viewed 3775 times 

Price Range : RM85++ (Ramadan promotion), RM32++ (Sahur buffet)

Promotion from 11 Aug 2010 until 09 Sep 2010

FOR a truly hearty "buka puasa" experience, head for Di-Atas Brasserie at Legend Hotel from Aug 11 to Sept 9.

The hotel´s Executive Sous Chef Samsuddin Ahmad and his team will cook up a storm of over 100 local and international favourites.

Apart from the buffet spread, live cooking stalls will offer tasty grills and BBQ food.

You can break fast with a refreshing glass of air bandung, honey dates juice, cincau and cendol or a hot glass of tea, teh tarik or Nescafe tarik.

Then tuck into a variety of appetisers such as kerabu pucuk paku, kerabu mangga and udang, ulamulam and pasembor, rojak mamak, tauhu sumbat, fresh seafood on ice, daging panggang air asam and various crudites before venturing into a bowl or two of heart-warming soup like sup gearbox, sup tom yam udang, soto ayam with condiments or western- style soups such as roasted cream of pumpkin and cream of mushrooms with garlic toast.

The main course comprise ayam percik pelangi, ikan pari bakar legend, ikan siakap goreng rendang pedas, laksa Johor with condiments, ayam percik Seri Utara, grilled lamb with an assortment of sauces. There are also a variety of rendang such as rendang tok, rendang ayam, rendang Minangkabau and many more.

The live cooking stations offer nasi briyani gam ayam, nasi kandar Penang, lamb percik as well as chicken and beef satay.

Murtabak, fried kuey teow, popiah, chicken and lamb shawarma, beef noodles, grilled otak-otak and BBQ chicken wings are also available.

For desserts, there is an assortment of jellies, tarts, cakes and crumbles, creme caramel, dates tart, apple pie, and many more.

Local delicacies such as sago gula Melaka, dodol gula Melaka and ais kacang with ice cream are part of the dessert spread as well.

The Ramadan promotion at Di-Atas Brasserie is priced at RM85.00++ per person. Di-Atas Brasserie is also offering Sahur buffet daily from 4am to 5.45am at RM32++ per person.

For reservations, call Di-Atas Brasserie at 03- 4042 9888 ext 9032, fax at 03-4043 8602 or email, for details.



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Coffee House - Sunway Putra Place

Putra Palace, 100, Jalan Putra
City : Pusat Bandar
State : WP Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603-4042 9888 / 2771 9888 ext. 9032
E-Mail : -





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